Dermatologist at Work

Rapid Access Skin Cancer Screening, Surgery, Mole Checks & Mapping


'Skin cancer detection could be missed in 4% of patients, 0.6% with potentially lethal skin malignancies WITHOUT a complete skin examination'

BJD 2011


Mole Mapping Service


Mole Mapping: When combined with clinical examination, it detects skin cancer early and avoids unnecessary scars. For further information, please discuss with your dermatologist.


Atypical Moles (or Naevi) may occur anywhere on the body, are often larger than other moles, have an odd shape and have more than one colour.

Surgeons in Operating Room

Surgical Procedures: 

Most surgeries to remove benign or malignant lesions are carried out under local anesthesia. Sometimes, more complex surgeries are done in collaboration with highly skilled and experienced in-house plastic surgeons.